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Internet Easy posters, published for Internet Easy cards. These posters are designed by Neda Network Web Developers in two different colors, and two different languages. [Size: 35 x 50 cm.]

The design of the poster has been driven from ancient Persian tales, and the flying Magic Carpet in the "Thousand and One Nights" story.

The story, also called The Arabian Nights, is a large collection of stories, mostly of Persian origin, written in Arabic between the 14th and 16th centuries.


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Take Internet Easy

The second poster is designed in Orange-Grey scheme, published in English language.

An advertising poster. If well designed, it will be attractive and engender a lasting impression; earnest but not boring. Importantly, it should shout out to you. Posters should be designed such that readers think that they have learnt something new.

Ultimately, poster design is a personal matter and different individuals will have different views on how best to present certain information.

Please submit your Idea, [ Feedback section ].
Posters design by Neda Network Web Developers



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