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Welcome to InternetEasy Support Page.

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You might have purchased an Internet Easy Card, If you are right now viewing this page then there would be no need to give you any technical information about how to use the card.

Remember that this card will assist you with connecting to internet just for 10 hours. After finishing 10 hours, it will disconnect automatically; and the card will be of no value anymore.

5th Series
Neda Rayaneh will cast lots to choose winners among the users of Internet Easy Cards each week.

[ Winners List - Continue ... ]
Internet Cards Price
10 Hours 25,000 Rls
30 Hours 70,000 Rls
One Month Unlimited 185,000 Rls
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Purchase Places
Name Address PhoneNumbers
VilaComputer Center OstadNejatollahi St. 8897788
Anahita Satar Khan St.  6523686-8
NaamAvaran Rayaneh Co. AfriqaSt. 2042338
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Support Numbers
24 Hours Support
250 8600 (Tehran) 24 hours



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